Our mission is to serve as an international resource to answer all of your questions about using the abortion pill. Today, every country has its own laws and cultural viewpoints about abortion. Our goal is to dispel misinformation and share the facts about using the abortion pill so that no matter where you are you can know how to safely use the medications to procure an abortion.

This website was created and is maintained by a dedicated group of individuals who believe every woman should have access to safe abortion. The information for this website was gathered from a variety of trusted resources, including The World Health Organization, Guttmacher Institute, and safe2choose.org, to ensure that up-to-date information about abortion pills is easily accessible for the safety and health of all women. Please see our reference list for all sources used.


Every effort is made to ensure the information contained in the pages of the web site is accurate. However, contents are subject to change from time to time and the authors can accept no liability for the accuracy of the information presented at any given time.

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